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    New 2022 ADT Bell Box (Active) Install help?

    I have a question about the new ADT 2022 bell box installation. I'm connecting to a Galaxy G3, replacing a 25 year old original square metal Elmdene ADT box with metal flap microswitch. No Problems with the wiring, its the mechanical fixing that has stumped me. It is the wall tamper that I'm...
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    Texecom Premier Elite/ Ricochet - Radio Conf Fail Outside Bell

    Hello My Texecom wireless alarm system has been up and running for 12 months with no issues then over the weekend an alert popped up concerning one of the outside bells. It is telling me there is a 'radio conf fail' and it isn't possible to set the alarm because it comes up with message...
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    Accenta G4 Bell Box Wiring

    Hey Everyone, Just needed some advice, basically I've moved from an Accenta 6 and upgraded to a Accenta G4 Panel with an LCD keypad. Everythings gone well so far, pir's are working, internal siren working, door contacts all good, so the last step I wanted to do was hook back up the 2 bell boxes...