bleed valve

  1. H

    Boiler not firing - which valve?

    Firebird boiler isn't firing so I assume I need to bleed it, but I'm not sure where the valve is. I keep seeing different things online that say I should loosen the valve where the Allen key is, or the lower hexagonal nut. Which is it?
  2. U

    Ran out of oil

    Hi all We stupidly ran out of oil and have since refilled the tank. We know that it probably needs bled first so have been trying with no success to bleed it and reset. The first problem is we are unsure which is the bleed valve as ours looks different to every other one we've seen (it's a...
  3. C

    radiator bleed valve change when lockshield is not shutting

    I found on one radiator a rusty bleed valve that seems to be slightly weeping every now and then, and might explain why the CH pressure drops sometimes. I'd like to change the valve (and in the longer term the radiator). I tried to isolate the radiator by closing the TRV and the lockshield...
  4. A

    Lockshield valve not isolating radiator

    Hi, I'm trying to isolate my radiator in order to change a leaking bleed valve. The lockshield valve on the radiator is just spinning and spinning and not shutting off the water. In the photo below, it's the spindle that I have been trying to turn. Is there anything I can do other than...
  5. StephenStephen

    How to bleed this radiator?

    Hi there, I've a radiator with very little access on the left, and no access on the right - someone built a giant bookcase round it. It needs bleeding The left would be easier to create access to (narrower bookcase upright, and some space already) Left side radiator1 by StephenStephen posted...