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    Worchester Greenstar Ri Boiler No Blue light (Possibly No Power)

    Hello, I currently have a Worchester Greenstar Ri boiler. I was hoping that someone might be able to help me as I have came across an issue. There are two knobs; one allowing the boiler to be switched to on or off; and the second controlling the rest - max temperature. In the middle of these...
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    Unvented system losing pressure

    Hi all, looking for some suggestions to try and understand why my system is losing pressure. I have a system boiler serving an unvented hot water cylinder and central heating. Central heating circuit is set to 1 bar but drops to 0.8 every 1-2 days but doesn’t drop any further. central heating...
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    Boiler for 290mm deep Howdens kitchen wall unit

    Hi folks. We're getting a new Howdens kitchen. Hoped to install new Worcester Bosch CDi Compact boiler in 290mm deep wall unit (vertical flue through roof). Boiler is 280mm deep, so fits inside. But...the Worcester Bosch literature (and checked with technical team) insists on having 20mm...
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    Boiler Overheating / Pipes extremely hot

    Hi, First post so apologies if I miss anything out! I moved into a house around 5 years ago (UK) with a standard gravity fed Central heating System connected to a Sunier Duval Xeon 50ff boiler. In the airing cupboard there are two zone valves and a Pump and in the loft two expansion tanks one...