boiler cut out

  1. B

    Changed Rad no heating or hot water ?

    Hi folks, just changed a single rad for a double in the kitchen. Switched boiler off ( gravity fed) drained water from system. Took the old rad off and fitted the new one. Refilled the system bled downstairs rads first the the up stairs ones. Switched on the boiler, then the heating and it fires...
  2. A

    Vaillant Boiler Issue

    Hi guys, Hoping for a bit of advice as boiler has gone down with a 3 month baby in the house! Have a Vaillant Ecotec 418 has worked pretty solidly for 5 years. In Oct 2020 we had a sealed system fitted to improve water pressure and get rid of header tank in loft. Boiler copes absolutely...
  3. C

    Valliant ecotech 418 boiler

    Hi we have a valliant ecotech 418 boiler and we have just added two new radiator and and two days later our boiler now cuts out after 20 seconds of been on, it has no flame on and either comes up with an error code f72 or a egg timer flashing we have bled the radiators We have opened up the...
  4. na51hog

    Sherlock Holmes needed for Dr Watson - ecoTEC plus 428

    Hi, I am trying to understand the root cause of my radiators getting lukewarm at best. I have an ecoTEC plus 428. It doesn’t display any fault codes, but it spends most of its time with the boiler off, displaying a blinking radiator. Seemingly, as a consequence, my radiators never get more...
  5. R

    Nest Underfloor wiring issue

    Hi All, First time I've ever posted on a forum. I was wondering if anyone can help me please. I've had a new heating system installed for a couple of years now but have an issue with our underfloor heating, connected to a Nest thermostat, probably the wrong thermostat to use but this is the...
  6. norbellini

    Potterton back boiler turning off 30sec.

    My pilot light on the boiler wouldnt stay on ,so i replaced the thermocouple Now the pilot stays on fine Just when i turn the boiler on it runs fine for about 20 seconds and then cuts out along with the pilot light Any suggestions please , we are talking gas now so i wont be trying anything...