boiler flue

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    Boiler Flume pipe disconnected Urgent advice needed?

    I have been having a problem with my roof leaking. Its recently been fixed but went up in to loft today as had been heavy raining just to check it was fixed. whilst up in loft I noticed that what I believe is the flume pipe from boiler that goes up through house in to loft and out roof had...
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    Need an external lighting PIR immune to flue exhaust

    As the title says - I have GJD D-Tect PIRs for my DVR, which work brilliantly, but it seems that this only works with their own lighting system which seems over-the-top for me. Is there any similar working PIR that can work with any garden lighting, that will not be fooled by boiler flue steam...
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    Boiler flue nuisance looking for solutions

    Hi guys, The house next door to me has been bought and the new couple are renervating the house. They've installed a new boiler with a vertical flue that exits above two of my windows. Most of the time it's not an issue but in cold weather it plumes and when the wind catches it, it blows the...
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    Boiler flue through a cavity wall with insulation

    We would like to move our boiler flue (which looks horrible coming through the kitchen window), so it goes through the outside wall. The problem is it is a cavity wall filled with insulation- tiny grey (polysterene?) granules/beads. Is this a problem?