1. JD2012

    Bolt Type Query to bolt down Vice.

    I am looking for bolts to attach a Vice to a worktop in my shed. I found one that fits but I need it a bit shorter about 6mm in length and I don't have nuts. It says on the head M BUFO 88. Does anyone know if B&Q stock these or something that will do? Thanks
  2. T

    What is this and how can I remove it?

    I have removed a radiator from my living room wall. The wall brackets were done in a way I have not seen before. Instead of being screwed into the wall, they had a nut holding them into a bolt that was coming out of the wall. I can't seem to remove these bolts from the wall, they just spin...
  3. bettz1

    Found 2 bolts from under the recliner any idea

    Hi bit of a long shot but we've found 2 bolts from under our 3 seater recliner sofa had a good look under there with a torch and I can't find any previous holes :mad: it's driving me nuts plus there pretty big screws so must be important. Anyone had this happen? Or know where they've come from?
  4. G

    Finding the right screw

    Hi all, I'm trying to find the right screw to attach my speaker to a speaker stand. I have the details (see image) but at the nearby hardware store they are pretty useless. First they gave me one screw (M5 I believe) which is too small. Then another one (M6 I believe) which is slightly too big...
  5. Buenaventura Durruti

    Machine Screw size for Mila Pro Secure door handle

    Hi, I have a mila prosecure door handle in brushed satin colour. I'm moving it to a different door and the screws supplied are too short so I need 2x 70mm or greater. Mila are no help they simply refer me to their partners who then say that they don't stock extra screws, Mila won't even tell me...
  6. F

    Gate not in line with fence post.

    I have recently moved to a new property and want to install a new latch and bolt to the back garden gate however the fence post is not in line with gate (see pictures). The solution the previous owners came up with is inadequate. I am unable to move the fence post as it used for the gate of the...
  7. D

    Bouncing Floor Joists

    Hi, All my floor joist bounce but after recently rearranging my bedroom the joist next the wall is now getting walked on more and is bouncing. I have tried glueing and screwing plywood to it but no joy. There is a 60mm gap between the joist and the wall, the joist is over a patio door. See...
  8. J

    TITAN TTB598MSW blade bolt

    Hi. First post. When the time came to replace the blade in my Titan TTB598MSW I didn't expect any issues. I knew it was a reverse thread. Try as I might with a variety of Allen keys and socket sets it wouldn't budge. My only option was to drill it out. My issue now it to find a replacement. Does...
  9. K

    Attaching structural L angled steel trusses to granite

    I can make the holes in the steel and the granite fr attaching the bolts no probs. I've heard about epoxy systems etc for gluing bolts that hold structural steel onto stone. Anyone got an outline of the various methods for attaching steel to stone using bolts.
  10. J

    Bolt found by pedals

    Hi all, I notice the other day there was a bolt loose under my pedals, and am concerned on where it came from and if it needs to be seen to or not. I've tried to take a picture of the view up towards to steering wheel and have notice what I think is where the bolt belongs on the steering...
  11. C

    Fixings for raised deck

    I'm about to order the timber and fixings for a raised deck base (approx 900mm off ground) and wondered if anyone could confirm/comment on planned fixings as noted below please ? Raised deck 4.8m x 2.6m with ledger along one of the 4.8m sides Ledger 150 x 47 Rim 150 x 47 Joists 150 x 47 at...
  12. B

    Help - bottom locking French door bolt dropped..?

    I have attached pics (I hope) of our french doors that turn with a special key, seems to have fixed itself and dropped internally as the key no longer has any 'purchase' and we can't undo the lock, hence not being able to open our french doors?! I think this has just 'stuck' over time and over...
  13. S

    No water in the toilet

    Hi, my toilet want fill up with water, from reading various posts, i think the problem is the inlet value probably needs replaced from this thread (// I have got the part but i cant work out how to get...
  14. T

    Gallow brackets - problems

    Have had a set of gallow brackets installed in loft to support chimney stack so can take down the stack on ground and 1st floor. Have a few questions as not sure its been done right. Firstly Do you need a brick on top of the bit that goes into the wall? on one side it has a brick above and other...