1. E

    Help with garden wall bond

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to build a retaining wall for our garden. We have a slope (back to front) of 447mm and I was planning on using hollow concrete blocks (440mm x 215mm x 140mm) so I can use rebar to tie them into the concrete foundation. I'm a wall virgin but I'm keen! My first question...
  2. D

    Bonding filler to gloss paint

    I have several strips to fill on an interior window casing and sill [new window frame slimmer that old frame]. One side of each strip filled needs to be feathered onto gloss paint. To help it bond I will course sand the paint, BUT what is the best single part filler to use to give a long term...
  3. J

    Re Slate - Issues

    Hi - this is my first post here and I was hoping someone could advise. I have recently moved into a 3 bed semi detached dating from the 1930's, the house is slated in good quality Welsh slates but had no 'breathable' membrane. We have just had the slates removed, a membrane fitted...
  4. A

    Who should be the next bond?

    So I think the directors are getting ready for Daniel Craig to step down. Who should be the next bond in your eyes?
  5. Jordan Blake

    How can I fix a snapped aluminium tube?

    Hi, The picture below shows a snapped aluminium rod on a turntable. It is very expensive to replace so what would be the best way to make a repair job. Thanks 100_6943 by Jordan Blake posted 13 Aug 2016 at 10:08 PM