1. nichollsjames

    Garage Roof

    Corrugated metal garage & roof, trusses are triangular and about 6ft from concrete floor. I’m 6ft6 and have a sore head. Can I brace the joists with metal or wood and cut out the bottoms of them? If so how do I do it and what materials should I use? Thanks
  2. G

    Do garage wal need bracing

    Hi I am helping out an friend with an aggressive developer next door. The two houses have detached but joined garages. The builder (122) wants to remove their garage to make room for a side extension to the house. The original garage walls are of 4" brick. Small integral pillars (4") are...
  3. G

    Wooden Shelf - Horizontal Bracing

    Hi, I am looking for a solution to a shelving problem. The walls are crumbly and I would like to be able to put up a shelf without putting in typical wall fixings. I would like to support the shelf using a horizontal brace. I thought there must be something already out there (e.g...