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    Cob Walls - Paint Question

    Hi folks - I'm hoping someone can help me... We moved into a house which is partly constructed of cob. We decorated the house as complete novices, using standard emulsion. Damp spots are now prevalent on the cob areas :( I understand that a breathable paint should be used when finishing cob...
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    Old stone house advice

    Hello, So I have recently brought a c.1800 stone cottage and am at the start of the extensive work it needs doing to it. The area which is a bit of mine field is the topic of cement rendering and keeping walls breathable. Now the house is basically split into 3 section as I've illustrated in...
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    Insulating solid wall

    Hi all, My house dates back to about 1885. Mid terraced, redbrick, lime pointing and plastered inside with lime plaster. When carrying out some renovations I noticed a lot of blown plaster on the internal face of an external upstairs wall. I think that at some stage previous owners had used a...
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    Kitchen Floor Half Concrete (ventilation)

    I recently purchased a 1907 mid-terrace house which unfortunately has cement render to the rear exterior. The kitchen needs re-plastering as there is a lot of crumbling and damage to the kitchen walls on one side. (The other side has Artex) The kitchen floor is a mixture of concrete and raised...