breathable membrane

  1. Howhardcoulditbe

    Is this normal? Please help!

    First post so please be gentle :LOL: I’ve recently bought a house and wanting to use the garage as a workshop / gym. The roofing membrane looks pretty nasty from the inside and there’s a few holes, plus it’s rotten away by a few inches at the gutters. I therefore want to replace it (myself)...
  2. J

    How to rebuild 1930's bay window box

    Hello! I'm in the process of removing render from the front of my how and I am just starting to tackle the bay box. It is totally rotten through so I am taking it back to the black waterproof membrane I have a few questions to help guide me on what to do next: 1. Do I need to remove the black...
  3. R

    Building shed from scratch - membrane considerations driving me insane!

    Hi all, firstly apologies for the lengthy post, and if I’m not explaining the situation well – this is my first build and although I’ve read a lot on both this forum and others, a lot of this is still fairly new to me! I'm currently in the middle of building a shed, that essentially will be a...
  4. A

    Damp Single Brick Solid wall

    Hi, my house is 1900 Victoria terrace with a ground floor passage ginnel on one side. I have a tiny single brick room on the second floor. The brick is old stock I think and is very soft. The mortar is lime and the original plaster was lime. Someone has skimmed over the plaster with a cement...
  5. J

    Flat roof edge detailing

    About to wrap my timber framed garden office with the breathable membrane and battens but am unsure how the edge detail is finished with an EPDM roof. The cold roof rafters end flush with the stud wall rather than any overhang. If I go by the limited diagrams seen so far (see attached), then...
  6. J

    breathable membrane for garden room

    Hi, I need some advice if possible on the best type of membrane for a timber framed structure for a garden office. I was going to have the stud wall, membrane, battens, then ply cladding sealed with Osmo oil. Parts of the cladding might be open joint cladding with vertical battens, but am...
  7. J

    Are batttens and air gap needed for breathable membrane for a timber framed man shed

    Hello, This is my first post so I hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance for your responses. Ok so I am in the process of building a 6mx2.4m half shed half summer house. Stud walls are up EPDM roof on. The next step is the cladding, I am aware of how I should clad i.e. Exterior cladding...
  8. S

    lean-to shed, garden walls

    Hello all. Please can I have your opinion(s): I'm knocking down a leaking garden shed to gain some space, and building a new lean-to shed in my garden to allow a bit more space. Try and picture this if you can: there's a 1.5m garden wall (we live in a Victorian terrace) at the end of the...