brick effect

  1. janieJones123

    Opinion: Tile up to worktop or behind fridge

    I was wondering if I could get some advice on what would be best for this particular wall. Ideally I would like to end at the worktop end, but if I do, then I will be tiling half a fused spur, which would probably look a bit crap. Other option is to tile behind the fridge, but I'm not too keen...
  2. janieJones123

    Kitchen: Centre on cooker spashback or window

    I am tiling my kitchen wall and window recess with a small 7.5x15cm white subway tile, in brick effect, with 1mm spacer with white grout, up to (at this point) the height of the extractor hood. So the tiles will be the same height all the way around the wall, (10 rows). I have just laid them...