butt hinge

  1. C

    Help adjusting UPVC front door

    Our UPVC front door (with multipoint looking) dropped away from the hinges such that it is very difficult to lock it. When pulling up the door handle there is some resistance, but it goes in the right position with some force. However, then there is also some resistance when turning the key...
  2. R

    Butt hinges on shed - regular or parliament hinge given circumstances

    Hi all, I now have 4 walls in the shed (picture update attached!) and have made up a door for the opening. I was originally looking to put T-hinges on, but the ones I bought had a *lot* of play in the hinges, to the point where I was very dubious, and I've now acquired some stainless steel...
  3. D

    Butt hinge pin removal with door closed

    I'm hoping someone can help me with this. There must be a way to do it... I came home from holiday and couldn't open the front door (upvc multipoint lock). The key turns to a point, and then jams. My first thought was that someone try to snap it (it's an anti-snap pin), so I removed the handle...
  4. Stuey2017

    Adjustable butt hinge? (BS EN 1935 grade 7)

    Hi all Can anyone tell me if this butt hinge is adjustable? There are three on the door and the door has dropped slightly and is catching on the bottom. It seems that it is not adjustable, there appears to just be a pin going down the middle. Just thought I'd check in case I'm missing anything...