cabinet lighting

  1. S

    Under Cabinet Lights

    Hi all, I’m refurbing my kitchen and currently at the stage of an empty room with holes all over the walls I thought this would be a good opportunity to get my electrics all sorted before the units go in. Anyway, I want to add under cabinet LED that ideally will be powered from a switch...
  2. Stax1970

    Bathroom cabinet with lights now needs a switch fitted

    Not impressed with the communication and instructions on my new Ikea Storjorm Bathroom mirror cabinet. The cabinet has lights built in behind the glass doors. I fitted the cabinet to the wall and wired up the lights straight from the mains wire that was already there from the last cabinet. The...
  3. E

    LED light mirror cabinet in bathroom

    Hi I've looked through old posts to try and find a solution, but I can't find anything relating exactly to my question - so I'm posting a new thread. Apologies for my probably wrong use of terminology as I'm a complete noob and a foreigner, so please bear with me. I'm not going to do the...
  4. E

    Cabinet lighting

    Hi. I bought LED spotlights to put under the kitchen cabinets. My kitchen fitter said that LED strips are much better and that the spotlights are hard to change the bulb. What do you think??