1. Rob broom

    Installing UPVC windows

    Hi all, I have a couple of queeries with installing UPVC windows. 1: Fixing the top of the window into a Catnic. I have read that the windows should not be screwed up into a catnic, which does make sense regarding water and damp getting through the holes. Can i get conformation that i...
  2. N

    Boxing in a Catnic box lintel

    Hi all, I have recently completed a doorway widening project with a Catnic box lintel: It has lots of pre-drilled 5mm holes, presumably for fixing stuff to: What is the best way to attach plasterboard/fireboard to box it in? Should I use fixings? What fixings should I use? They would...
  3. Rob broom

    Slight deformation in a catnic lintel

    Hi there. new to the forum and finding it really useful, so thanks in advance to anyone that reads this and replies. firstky, I have no previous experience of installing these lintels! I just wanted to check if a minor amount of deformation in a catnic lintel is to be expected, or whether...
  4. marty3

    Insulating a Catnic lintel

    I am on a mission to stop draughts and increase efficiency whilst redecorating. I am about to put plasterboard back up over a catnic lintel that looks like this... I have noticed that you can get catnic lintels that have a polystyrene filling, I was thinking of either stuffing it with...
  5. D

    Regs enquiry - how many layers of plasterboard (catnic type lintel)

    There was a dbl balcony door set into a 4m wall above this steel lintel, but no longer, it just supports floor joists these days. Will regs want it clad with 2 layers of plasterboard? And what type and thickness? Thank y'all kindly
  6. T

    Solid wall lintel type

    Hi all, I'm currently removing some patio doors to shorten the opening height to allow for double doors and a wall plate for a flat roof which will run across the sagging soldiers. I'm going to add a lintel as there's no external one at present (1930's semi). I just wanted to know if it's OK to...