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    Rectangle hole in block wall

    I have to cut out a rectangular hole for ducting to exit an exterior wall. I cannot make use of a circular consaw given the awkward location so need to get the job done without. have a very effective hammer drill with non rotary hammer function (chisel and pointed chisel). Cold chisel and...
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    Removing old pine skirting without damaging the wall. HELP

    Hi Everyone I'm removing my old pine skirting as part of the renovation but this is proving to be very difficult and making a lot of damage to the wall. Basically the skirting is screwed with plugs on some point and very strong nails on others. Using chisel and crowbar but when pulling the...
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    Sharpening my plane and my chisels - Top Tip for a sanding block.

    Hi everyone, I recently watched a great vid. on YT on how to set up a Stanley #4. It was very long - nearly 2 hours! but afterwards I felt I really understood a lot of about the process. The guy used a piece of granite as the bed for dressing all the sundry parts and I set about seeing if I...