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    Socket circuits joined togther... somewhere

    I recently bought a house, and an electrician has been round and found that both wall socket circuits are joined somewhere, meaning that when one is off at the consumer unit, all sockets are still getting power. They have said that all sockets in the house will need to be removed and tested to...
  2. M

    New cooker installation.

    Hi, we are getting a new cooker. The old one has been removed from a circuit that states 32amp circuit in the consumer unit for the cooker. All the new cookers I am looking at seem to want higher? 40amp plus. Have I misunderstood is it OK to use the current circuit and just replace old cooker...
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    Help. Changing 25+ year old light switch.

    Hi everyone, I’ve been decorating and wanted to switch out a light switch from an old plastic standard one to a metal dimmable one. however not sure which wires to connect. Any help/advice much appreciated, thanks.
  4. R

    Bulbs constantly blowing!

    The bulbs in my house are CONSTANTLY blowing! On average 2 go a week and it's different rooms but very often my son's bedroom or the hallways (they're not on the same circuit). We're stuck with the awful energy saving ones. When you're buying 2-3 a week it gets very expensive especially when...