circular saw blade

  1. P


    Hi All I am planning to buy my first circular saw (hopefully nothing expensive). I have a featherboard edge fence erected that is too high on one side and I need to cut it horisontally to level all the top up. The fence is already erected. Can you tell me what circular saw you would...
  2. B

    Bosch PKS16 Mini Circular Saw - Cutting Cement Fibreboard

    I've got a Bosch PKS16 handheld mini circular saw, which comes with three round blades (65mm diameter, 15mm hole): * Ceramic * "Precision" (whatever that means) - with 12 cutting teeth * "Special" (whatever that means) - looks similar to precision but has 20 cutting teeth. I've used the...
  3. Smileysmile

    Circular saw blade for featheredge boards

    Hi guys I need to trim excess featheredge boards at the top with my Bosch 190mm 30mm bore circular saw which comes with a standard blade 16T. To prevent splitting which would be the correct blade size? (Teeth) Photos attached.