clay soil

  1. T

    French Drain - Soakaway Crate - Clay Soil

    Good morning, I recently had my garden leveled from quite a steep slope that previously had water streaming towards the house. The problem is we have a retaining wall that encloses the garden on 3 sides, with the house and garden path being on the 4th and a layer of clay soil on top. A lovely...
  2. Smileysmile1


    Hi guys, I've attached photos. Front of my house I'm preparing area for laying down decorative gravel. You can see in the photos that I've removed 6" thick blue clay. Horrible stuff. The gravel was a thin layer laid by house developers 20 years ago! Blue plastic sheeting was used as weed...
  3. C

    Fake grass over clay soil?

    Hi I am thinking of laying fake grass over a grassed area which has very heavy clay soil. Can anybody suggest how to deal with rainwater as it could quickly turn into a pond? I was thinking of laying a base of hardcore but wouldn’t be sure on depth or if that would work?
  4. C

    Laying new patio with drainage dilemma

  5. Ouch77

    Large shed base on sodden ground

    I'm having second thoughts on a base for a new shed. I'm planning on putting a large shed 3.5x8m (26x11.5ft in old money) at the top of my garden. The ground is mostly quite flat, but I've recently had to remove/grind out a large tree stump that would have been in the way. The ground in that...
  6. N

    Damp at the base of removed fireplace breast

    Hi there all, I bought a semi detached 1930s house about 1 y and a half ago. In the living r room there used to be a fireplace breast on the party wall which was removed years ago. The first floor breast and stack are still there. When i was buying the house there was a damp in the area and The...