1. Hounds

    Drayton Wiser replacing ST9100C1006 CM927 CM907 BDR91 Megaflo

    Hi, please can someone help me. I have tried for days but cannot do it. Currently I have 2 zones and hot water run off a conventional boiler. The sytem works perfectly with my ST9100C1006 and the 2 thermostats (CM927, and CM907). I am looking to replace all with Drayton Wiser, mainly for smart...
  2. A

    Understanding a Honeywell CM907

    I've moved into a new house and I'd like to upgrade to a smart thermostat, such as the Draton Wiser. Self installation seems do-able but I don't understand my current Honeywell thermostat CM907. Most smart thermostat install guides show many wires coming into the backplate of the existing...
  3. J

    Honeywell cm907 to drayton wiser hub r

    Hi, After some advice about installing a Drayton wiser hub r. I currently have a honeywell cm907 but I'm totally lost on the wiring. I've attached photos of the current wiring and the diagram provided by Drayton. Current wiring is brown/live to A, black to B & grey not connected. Thanks in advance
  4. A

    Honeywell CM907 to Lyric T6

    Hi All, I'm trying to upgrade my existing Honeywell CM907 thermostat to a newer Honeywell Lyric T6 but can't quite figure out how to translate the wiring from one to the other. The wiring diagrams are attached - As you can see the CM907 has two wires going to it from the boiler but the T6 also...
  5. B

    ISAR HE30 + CM907

    Hi. I have purchased /NEW boxed/ CM907 over amazon and need a help. From my boiler ISAR HE30 are comeing out 5 wires : * brown / blue / gree-yellow -- main power for old Danfos and * from L1 in boiler is RED which is LIVE wire / from L2 in boiler is BLACK which is SWITCH wire Here is how...