cold radiator

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    Bizarre one radiator not working

    Hi, I have a sealed central heating system installed when the house was built in 2007, it's a Baxi MegaFlo system boiler and uses 10mm plastic pipe on to a total of 11 radiators, one of these was added at some point and connects to the 10mm pipes of another radiator. The radiators are spread...
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    Another cold radiator query (does not keep heat)

    Hello, I have a central heating radiator that heats up nicely from top to bottom but it does not keep its heat. When boiler stops pumping hot water it turns cold very quickly. All other radiators in house are fine. Any ideas what the problem could be? Perhaps rusted up on inside so does not...
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    Radiators Gurgling and small banging

    Hi there, I’m a complete novice when it comes to plumbing so bear with me please!! Basically we moved into a new build house and in March time we had a fireplace put in but had to move a radiator in our living room which was completed and no issues, heating worked fine....I think I only topped...
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    One cold radiator

    Hello, I know this question has been asked previously, but I am stumped. I have one cold radiator in a bungalow with an oil fired boiler. I have checked / can confirm the following: All other radiators are hot from top to bottom Both the inlet and lockshield valves seem to let water through...