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    Bristan tap cartidges failing after 1 year

    Hi, I have a Bristan EasyFit Echo Sink mixer in our utility room: It was first installed about 4 years ago and only 12 months ago my plumber swapped the cartridges having got them free under the warranty because it was...
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    Boiler pressure cold tap not working problem

    Hi everyone, I went to top up my Logic S15 boiler earlier as the pressure gauge was at zero. I’d done this before so I knew to expect to hear rushing water through the pipes when i turned the valve, but I heard nothing. I unscrewed the filling loop because i thought that might be the issue, but...
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    Replacing a Hot Tap and a Cold Tap with 2 mixer taps

    Dear All, First of all, I hope you are having a lovely day! Thank you in advance for stopping by and reading this. I realise my title may sound a little odd. I am clearly no expert, and my husband is actually doing the DIY for a mini kitchen makeover. He is very skilled and has already...