combi boiler noise

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    Boiler making weird noises

    Hello! I am merely just a son helping a dad out with a noisy boiler, let me explain the situation, as it's an "odd one." (Please note, I'm not all too experienced with boiler terms, this is a shot I'm the dark for help) We own a Glow Worm "combi" boiler and it sits in the loft (attic) at the...
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    Worcester 532/i always 'on'

    Hi, I've recently moved into a new home, which has a combi boiler (my first one) and it's a Worcester 532/i. Everything is working correctly, in that I can make the heating come on if I need it, and there's hot water in the taps. The problem is, it's always making a noise even when the heating...
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    new baxi boiler noisy

    desperately needing help, I had a new baxi boiler 800 combi fitted last week and its constantly making a whining humming noise, it no sooner stops and it starts again. The plumber came back and drained the radiators but its still the same. my friend and neighbour both have the same boiler and...