concealed shower

  1. S

    Help! Can anybody identity my shower?

    Hi all. I need to replace my shower fitting shown in the images here. But cannot find a manufacturer or model anywhere! Can anyone help identify it?
  2. 1

    Hudson Reed Clio A3025 Concealed shower leaking in wall

    We moved into this house a year ago and soon discovered that there was a leak in the wall when the shower diverter is set to the wall shower head, rather than the dumper head. Through trial and error, we have discovered that the concealed shower model is a Hudson Reed Clio A3025 which has an...
  3. N

    Help! Concealed Shower

    Hi all, I am fitting a concealed shower and I am struggling with what to connect into the mixer with. It has female 1/2" but when I've tried Male 1/2" they are not at the right angle for me to plumb the hot and cold feed?? Any help would be great! Nick
  4. 0tto

    Concealed shower help

    I said last time I’d never buy another concealed shower. Why didn’t I listen to my self!? I hate these things. Why are they made the way they are, surely they could be manufactured to include the male fittings? Anyway, my issue is with the shower head/arm. It needs to be screwed into a...
  5. W

    Identifying and fixing bypass in concealed shower

    Hi. I've got a concealed thermostatic shower unit that has started to suffer from cold water not turning off when it's turned off at the wall. Confirmed its the cold water that is bypassing by turning off the water at the cold water inline isolator and the water stopped leaking from the head...