condenser dryer

  1. W

    Bosch Condensor Tumble Dryer Not stopping when container full

    Hi Guys, A family member of mine has a Bosch Condenser Tumble Dryer and the the tank fills but doesnt stop when its full. I'm guessing its some kind of sensor but I havent had a look for them yet, and was wondering if anyone has had experience of this? Thanks in Advance.
  2. A

    Zanussi ZDC8202P Condenser Dryer 'Tank' fault.

    Hi, I have a Zanussi ZDC8202P Lindo 300 Condenser Tumble Dryer that turns on OK, but when you press the 'Pause/Start' button, the machine beeps 3 times and the 'Pause/Start' light flashes red. It has done this previously, and after a good clean, has worked again. This time, however, that is not...
  3. Iain Davidson

    Indicit condenser tumble dryer heating up winter wont dry clothes.

    Hi. If anyone can help... My indicit tumble dryer wont dry the clothes as efficiently. It was a sudden change. I've tried getting rid of lint in the bit that catches it. Ives washed to filter at the bottom of tha machine that had a but of lint build up. The condenser is empty of water. The...
  4. S

    Indesit Condenser Dryer (ISL70C) - Humidity Sensor Problem?

    Hi everyone, New to this forum and hoping someone will be able to help. My dryer needs a new belt, and I've done the reading up on this and seen videos and I think I'll be fine with all of that. In any event, in the process of diagnosing that problem (the dryer stopped working and I could...
  5. bettz1

    White Knight Tumble dryer leaking

    Hi all my partners parents have given us there old white knight tumble dryer which we've put in the garage.The only problem is there appears to be a small leak on the underneath on the right side. It's drying our clothes fine just wondered if anyone had any ideas what I should look out for if I...
  6. andyr123

    Beko Tumble Dryer not Drying

    Hi - got a Beko Condenser Tumble dryer not heating. Took back off which covers the heater , load of dust and fluff around the heating elements - removed all that. there are 2 cut out safety devices at top of heater bottom cut out device is re-settable , pushed the reset pin in and got a...
  7. P

    WTL6106GB Bosch Condenser Dryer gone luke warm...

    Hi, after 10 years good service our WTL6106GB Bosch Condenser Dryer has started to not get "hot". Before on the normal setting things would come out almost too hot to handle, now they come out warm but not hot. I have:- Cleaned the fluff filter Cleaned the condenser (twice!) Give then machine...