coping stones

  1. S

    Extension roof issue

    Hi All Looking for some advice. We had a single story extension designed and built 8 years ago. Since it’s construction we have had issues with water running off the parapet walls down the face of the wall. This happens on both sides. The initial builder did some remedy work initially but...
  2. G

    Damp in corner of ground floor extension

    We have a ground floor extension with a flat roof. There is a damp area in the corner. The ceiling use to be wet but we had this fixed and so the ceiling is never wet anymore.The damp never gets any worse even in heavy rain but also doesn’t dry out. The Celcon bricks are exposed at present so we...
  3. M

    Neighbour not happy about drip edge over boundary line

    Hello fellow DIYers, My architects have finished creating the building control drawings for a renovation of my mid-terrace property. One of the details show the coping stone over the side parapet wall for a new single-storey rear extension will cross the boundary due to its drip edge. I have...
  4. LadyArwen

    Coping stones

    Hi, looking for some advice please, we are wanting to add flat coping stones to a wall any advice please on the best way to fix them to the wall? There will be railings going on top. We were going to use mortar however I was advised that this wouldn't be stable enough with railings too. We have...
  5. Jamhan

    Where would you source these coping stones from?

    We are missing some flat coping stones from the parapet wall, as seen in this picture: I've tried a few reclamation yards around us (East London), and none of them have them, nor seem like they would ever get them How would you replace these?
  6. O

    Parapet Wall leaking damp below

    Hi, This is my first time here and being a homeowner and not a builder/roofer go easy on me! We have an adjoining parapet wall on a groundfloor extension which is leaking damp through the wall just below the ceiling, with signs of previous damp all along the wall. Pic 1 &2. From the outside...
  7. M

    How do i fix slipped chimney coping stones?

    First post on this forum so please go easy. I was up on my top floor flat roof extension to fit a new cowl to the bathroom extractor fan and noticed that there is a missing and slipped coping stone to the chimney breast. There are (were) only 5 stones in total 3 smaller ones sitting on top of...