Neighbour not happy about drip edge over boundary line

7 Dec 2014
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United Kingdom
Hello fellow DIYers,

My architects have finished creating the building control drawings for a renovation of my mid-terrace property. One of the details show the coping stone over the side parapet wall for a new single-storey rear extension will cross the boundary due to its drip edge. I have already got permitted development approval from the council to build-up to the boundary line. I have also sent out the party wall notices to both neighbours, and this neighbour has yet to respond.

If it comes to it, I will be explaining to him as per the architect's advice that leaving a small gap between the extension's sidewall and the boundary so that the coping stone's drip edge doesn't cross the boundary will be prone to damp issues if the neighbour was to build a similar extension in the future, and the gap wasn't filled with appropriate material, i.e. adding to further costs.

I have attached the detail, this shows the rear side of the extension with a concealed gutter, but the cavity wall and the coping stone will be as such for both sides.
Detail 2.png

Is this neighbour being picky? I'm planning to build up to the boundary line anyway and if he has any issues with the drip edge being on his side, I'll seek the advice of a party wall surveyor. What would you do?
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Carry on.

Even if the wall wasn't there rain would still enter his garden, it really won't make any difference
I wouldnt do that. Building so that any part overlaps onto your nieghbours property is invitiing trouble - no matter how small the intrusion. I have seen a wall built to the boundary and then when the render was put on - the neighbour complained. It was a very expensive mistake on the part of the builder, building up to the boundary.
Your architect screwed up. You cannot expect to trespass someone else's land without consequence, even if it's just a bit.

You could pay for the deeds to be re-written for both properties, and a one-off payment of good-will to the neighbour. Otherwise this will be a conveyancing issue when one of you sells.

Or move your wall 50mm over, and create a 3ft high wall against it, to re-mark the boundary accuratly.
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I'm confused - How do you know your neighbour is being picky if they haven't responded? Maybe they're being busy or being away, or being confused or being ill, or being....(etc)
Did you speak to the neighbour about the party wall notice before sending? - it’s always best to get verbal confirmation first because if the notice expires, it automatically means it’s been rejected and then you will need a party wall surveyor, Ka-ching.

by the way, If it was me I would include a parapet cavity tray in the spec….see NHBC recommendations.

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