parapet wall

  1. A

    Parapet Wall - Coping / Repointing

    Hi, I have a parapet wall which never had any coping on it. It has been leaking and now leaking into room below over the windows. I plan to install some metal coping over a plywood base. It seems there was a DPC installed under the top layer of bricks ( the vertical bricks in the photo). Not...
  2. M

    Flat Roof Extension-Parapet Height

    Hi all, I'm planning on having a flat roof extension (5x3m) with a parapet style walls but stuck on height requirements for the parapet wall. I'd like to have the parapet style walls with either stone or metal coping to avoid having plastic trims/ visible gutter pipes/etc. but I'm having...
  3. D

    Victorian Terraced House - Parapet Wall

    I am looking for advice on rendering the parapet wall as seen in photos Currently I have scaffolding up all around the roof because a company is doing external wall insulation and silicone rendering on the house I have checked the condition of my parapet wall and the render looks very old and...
  4. S

    Extension roof issue

    Hi All Looking for some advice. We had a single story extension designed and built 8 years ago. Since it’s construction we have had issues with water running off the parapet walls down the face of the wall. This happens on both sides. The initial builder did some remedy work initially but...
  5. S

    Coping stones too wide?

    Hello, last year we had our roof redone and the size of the coping stones has been bothering us. A different builder as now commented on them too. Can you comment on whether the coping stones pictured are dangerously wide for the parapet and need to be replaced with narrower ones to avoid the...
  6. M

    Neighbour not happy about drip edge over boundary line

    Hello fellow DIYers, My architects have finished creating the building control drawings for a renovation of my mid-terrace property. One of the details show the coping stone over the side parapet wall for a new single-storey rear extension will cross the boundary due to its drip edge. I have...
  7. G

    Parapet wall

    First of all thanks everyone for helping with my self build, so much appreciated. Next stage complete the parapet wall design,roof timbers on for warm roof.My plan is to complete the top of the parapet wall either side,them fix the roof down. Need to keep the parapet wall to minimum height...
  8. O

    Parapet Wall leaking damp below

    Hi, This is my first time here and being a homeowner and not a builder/roofer go easy on me! We have an adjoining parapet wall on a groundfloor extension which is leaking damp through the wall just below the ceiling, with signs of previous damp all along the wall. Pic 1 &2. From the outside...
  9. senconailgun

    How does a pitched roof sit on a Parapet wall ?

    Borrowed image.. The roof is planned to be a pitched gable side to side. Parapets are need because we are building right on the boundary. What's the best way to sit the roof ? Straps ? A beam bolted to the wall ?
  10. O

    Measuring height - permitted development

    Hi, Under permitted development, I believe that we can have the extended part of a single storey extension as tall as 4m in height. If we have a parapet wall similar to that shown in the following drawing then is it A or B that needs to be no higher than 4m? Thanks!