boundary line

  1. M

    Neighbour not happy about drip edge over boundary line

    Hello fellow DIYers, My architects have finished creating the building control drawings for a renovation of my mid-terrace property. One of the details show the coping stone over the side parapet wall for a new single-storey rear extension will cross the boundary due to its drip edge. I have...
  2. CatherineT1992

    Neighbour crossing boundary!

    Hi everyone! Just after some advice. My neighbour has a lean to that is supported by and crosses my fence area! Prior to the pandemic, I have approached him and asked him nicely to remove it, I have explained that the runoff from the side of the house in particularly wet weather is leaving...
  3. C

    Fencing off side garden of corner plot

    Hi all, My house is on a corner plot and i have a piece of grass on my side garden which is wasted and not used. I currently have a 6ft fence around the side of the house which i would like to extend over the grass in my side garden so that it can be used as part of my private garden. I've...
  4. M

    Garden Property Boundary Registration & Fencing

    Good Evening, Was hoping you could help me please, I have been a homeowner of my property for 25 years, Mortgage paid off and I have my title deeds ownership of the home. We had a back garden extension built 7 years ago, though, before this, we had a wall and wire fencing which partitioned both...
  5. Q

    Brickwork and small gap between mine and neighbours extension

    HI All Looking for some advice. The neighbour has built a single storey extension and now there is a gap of approx a foot between the 2 external walls. Ours is brickwork - hers is I think is breeze block rendered with a coating of black stuff about a foot high from the floor. My question is...
  6. D

    Are gutters and copping stones part of your boundary line

    I have just bought a small shop and we have shared pedestrian access to the drive outside the property with an easement on the drainage, we have had plans passed to install a new shop front and cladd the exterior walls with a thin 10mil insulation polystyrene to get rid of any imperfections and...