cowboy builder

  1. S

    What product to fill a dip in latex based self levelling compound

    We've had a bit of a nightmare with getting a floor that is suitable for a level finish (carpet tiles in our case) which has dragged on since August. Our extension, internal dimensions 9.7m by 5.1m, has a block and beam construction. The room is going to hold a full size snooker table at one...
  2. eveares

    Plastic gas pipe to boiler!

    Not technically a disaster, but felt this was the most appropriate section of the forum. Just a story from a now retired plumber in my family. A long time ago, a plumber in my extended family (now retired) got a call from someone saying they could smell gas in their home. When he got there, he...
  3. P

    Repointing "specialists" Puroconstruction disaster London NW25AS

    I have had Puro Construction on site doing the repointing on this 1920s building, it does not look right, can someone please advise we are in a dire situation with them at the moment
  4. N

    cowboy builder

    Hi, I had a terrible bad experience with a cowboy builder in Oxford. He was recommended to me By a good friend hence I used this builder without checking references/past work. I paid to him nearly £8,000 but he never completed any of the agreed jobs, Plus he put me in danger (eg: boiler was not...