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    Combi boiler cycling.

    Hi, I have a Ravenheat White Star LS100 about 15 years old. No room stat but TRVs. Recently it would not fire and the PCB was replaced and a boiler leak fixed. The boiler now runs for 10/15 minutes then starts cycling 30 seconds on/off. I have tried adjusting the rads and the pump speed to no...
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    Turbomax 828e Cycling hotwater and heating

    Hi All Got a problem with a turbomax boiler. Water cycles hot and cold and heating is cycling also. HW - goes cold for a couple of seconds. CH - From cold start will fire-up reach temperature on boiler and stay off for next 4min and then start gain. The temperature on the digital gauge drops...
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    Vaillant Ecotec 824 Plus with new Nest thermostat

    I’ve recently had a nest 3rd gen thermostat installed into this boiler, seemed nifty at the time however, this replaced no previous thermostat (we used to manually switch it on and off and there’s a panel at the front with a analog timer). So the nest 3rd gen replaced this. It’s been a few...
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    Oil Boiler Flame cycling

    Hello Oil Boiler Trianco Eurostar Premier 100/125 Condensing boiler. Runs fine for about a minute then flame dies (sounds like the solenoid is closing oil supply) after 7 seconds it fires again and continues running. Fan is running all the while. Cycle repeats until the boiler gets up to...
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    Underfloor heating with boiler – common cycling problem??

    I seem to have what must be a common problem when using underfloor heating with a boiler however I haven’t managed to find a standard solution online. The boiler cycles at a high frequency due to the difference in boiler power compared to what the underfloor heating manifold will accept. Setup...