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    What finished thickness tile adhesive is usual? Notch size etc

    6.5thk 150x150 (147x147) bathroom wall tiles. Is there a specific size notch trowel for lighter tiles, what thickness finished adhesive thickness would it give? Just trying to get an idea what combined tile+adhesive thickness would be. Thank you
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    Freestanding full size dishwasher with a depth less than 60 cm

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could please help us source a full size freestanding dishwasher with a depth of 57 or 58 cm depending on how generous the recess/overhang is at the back. The dishwasher should also be flat at the front no concave door or sticking out handles. The issue we have...
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    Concrete base

    Hi We have a very old concrete patio. We are extending the garden and the patio area, which is about 45cm below the garden seperated by brick wall, is going to be turfed. Question is do I have to break up the concrete and completely remove before I fill with topsoil and turf? Thanks
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    Fitting sofa through front door.

    Hi, Just wondering if anybody could give me any advice. I'm looking to buy a 3 seater sofa, the problem I've got is, im not sure if it's going to fit through my front door. My front door dimensions are: Height - 73" (186cm) Width - 29" (74cm) The sofa's dimensions are: Height 37" (94cm)...
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    Thickness (or depth) of floor tiles inc. grout.

    I'm putting a horned threshold(cill) in the bottom of a new door frame, because there's a step down from the hallway. And I'd like tiles in the hall, to back of cill. Do 330x300 floor tile thicknesses vary much? What is standard grout thickness? I need to set the cill top at the right...