dishwasher fault

  1. dgtlptry

    Why is my SMEG Dishwasher showing E1 without water in tray?

    Hi, i have got an older SMEG Dishwasher ( lsap6248x ) showing E1 but there is no water in the bottom tray. 1. Dishwasher stopped working an showed E1. I researched and opend the machine. There was water in the bottom tray. After removing the water the dishwasher worked again. 2. Two weeks...
  2. L

    Bosch SMV dishwasher - Tap light flashing and no heat

    Hi all, I am new here, so please be gentle. We have a Bosch SMV40T10GB/35 dishwasher which is malfunctioning. When a cleaning cycle is started(ECO 50deg) it seems to run as normal, and you can hear all the usual sounds such as water being splashed around and the drain pump running. But...