dishwasher hose

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    Dishwasher appliance trap capped with clingfilm!

    This is a weird dishwasher plumbing question. A Neff dishwasher that was here when we moved in just started not draining at the end of the washcycle - i.e. standing water in the base. It only happened on the four longest cycles not the 30 minute quick wash option. So I checked the obvious...
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    Rubber end cut off from dishwasher hose

    I have been given a Miele dishwasher but the rubber end of the hose has been cut off so I can't connect it to the connector that leads to my sink waste. Is there a fix for this. I.e. a rubber part I can connect to the hose, or do I need to replace the whole hose? Thanks in advance...
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    Dishwasher - Hot water fill

    Hi All, I'm replacing an old dishwasher that came with the house - it looks like something from the 80s! It's a Cannon Hot Fill 8s. This means that there is a readily available hot water 3/4 BSP inlet hose (and drain). Looking online I can see that there is very little choice for a new hot...
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    Replacing Beko Dishwasher Hose. How the heck... ?

    Can anyone please help a damsel in distress (not to mention bad temper!). By "help" I pretty much mean please can you explain in idiot terms, in words of two syllables or less and with diagrams. I have a Beko DSFN 1530B dishwasher which has a leaking drain hose. Thinking I was clever I ordered...