1. PlsHelpMe

    Need advice on wiring a tridonic ballast pc 2/55 TCL PRO

    _ [1] I've used a multi meter to suss out the pins on the twin lamps So, with the lamps upturned, facing upwards and pins going from bottom to top it shows that, Pin 1 is live brown Pin 2 is Blue Neutral Pin 3 is Hot wire Black Pin 4 is Earth _ [2] [very important] The Ballast manual says...
  2. S

    Are acro props enough? Strongboys/scaffolding/racking shores

    Very soon we are intending on creating an open plan kitchen/diner by holding up the gable end of the house using "picture frame" type steels. The calculations mention considering to use scaffolding/racking shores? Are these necessary? We were intending on using plenty of Strongboy XLs (on a...
  3. M

    Help... conservatory coming away from exterior wall!!

    Hi, I'm in a bit of a pickle... we had our wooden conservatory replaced when we bought our house 5 years ago. It was built on top of a foundation wall which is built against the exterior wall of the house. The wooden frame was replaced with a plastic/PVC one, and we had a self cleaning glass...
  4. F

    Can anyone help me work out what is happening here?

    Pics for reference Apprantly the builders used dulux trade supermatt, to which i have tried to use retail, dulux matt paint, colour wise they match perfectly, although my new matt paint is very rough in comparison, hence...
  5. eveares

    What does the DIYnot community think of DiySOS and it's cast?

    Just wondering what all you trades people on here think of the TV program DiySOS and it's crew? Have any of you ever worked with the crew of the program? Regards: Elliott.