What does the DIYnot community think of DiySOS and it's cast?

28 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom
Just wondering what all you trades people on here think of the TV program DiySOS and it's crew?

Have any of you ever worked with the crew of the program?

Regards: Elliott.
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It wasn`t diy SOS but a quick make over program that was on tv before them. I went in some 2yrs afterwards and it was falling apart.
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Having a film crew on site with a producer and director doing their utmost to make a dramatic program out of a building project can be a big strain on the workers. It can be as bad as delaying work for days until the film crew is available to film that stage of the project and the weather is suitable for good filming.

The 60 minute TV make over that happened to a friend of a friend didn't last 2 years, but it looked very good on TV.

That said DIYsos does make a vast improvement in the lifes of the families in need of more suitable living accommodation.
I liked it when Nick Knowles went through a spate of wearing tee shirts and vests. He'd obviously spent half an hour on his "Bullworker", thought he was a bit hench and didn't realise he was still a pot bellied pipecleaner.
One of my worst nightmares wouild be to find Nick Knowles and his mates at my house doing any kind of work.
to coin a phrase "it's only Television". Ergo. there is an OFF button, and this is one which deserves it.

Helping out those in need is, IMHO, something one does quietly, without feeling a need to make some big 'hurrah'
Helping out those in need is, IMHO something one does any way you can.
From a purely professional POV, I don't know how Billy has got away with some of the stuff he has on previous builds.

There have been cables out of safe zones, I'm sure on one show there was a non-isolated shaver socket in a bathroom and on another I'm sure I saw in the final shot where they gather outside there was a consumer unit outside, above a meter cabinet.
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The idea is good. And it's great the way the community gets together to help out a struggling family. Hats off to them all for that.
But some of the builder crew are a bit smug. Especially that skin head fella. He annoys me anyway.
Otherwise - decent show.
Uh-oh. I'm gonna hide behind the sofa...

:rolleyes: To be fair, I posted my comment before reading yours securespark. TBH, don't watch the program or TV at all for the matter that much, I am more of a Internet and YouTube person.
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