1. B

    uPVC window - gap in material beneath sill

    Been cleaning/restoring our uPVC window frames. Noticed that the sill was loose so removed it to give it a proper clean. Underneath is a gap in the capping whcih doesn’t look right to me. Imagined that this should run right underneath. The seams of the window frames/seals were sealed with...
  2. K

    Hallway and landing light uncertainty

    Hi all, I have tried to change my hallway and landing light switches, both metal front plates. I cannot seem to figure it out. The backplate has an l1, l12, l21,l22 and 2 common. In this case none of the incoming 3 sets of cables are labelled, (below is a picture of the wires. Please could...
  3. L

    Internal lime plaster??

    I’ve just purchased a house and have stripped the wallpaper to find this grainy material. From a quick google search it seems to be lime plaster?? Do you agree? If so how easy is it to remove so I can re-plaster? Thanks
  4. T

    Asbestos ceiling

    Hi, I have just bought a 1970s semi and have found out we asbestos in the artic on the ceiling. I am hoping just to leave it and hopefully at some point get it removed but in the kids bedroom there is a sliding door rail screwed into the ceiling. Can I just remove this? With a screwdriver...
  5. K

    stopping chipboard creaking

    Hi all I recently moved in to a new house. Before laying carpets i tried very hard to stop the chipboard flooring from creacking when you walk over it. Itspretty load everywhere! First I pulled up all the nails (long process) and replace with flooring screws, this stopped some of the really...
  6. W

    Level step riser

    I need to make a step flush in my new extension as shown in the attached dodgy sketch. The recess is about 40mm deep, 700mm wide and the step about 150mm high (I need to measure). I plan to use c24 timber to make it level but my question is what to fix it with? Engineered flooring is going on...
  7. bettz1

    Hanging garden gate not flush

    Today we've been trying to hang our new garden gate by using the old hinges,trouble is for some reason the bottom part of the gate is leaving a big gap where's the top part is flush to the wall. If we put the hinges back on the old gate it's flush o_O:eek: The new gates not warped, it's flat...
  8. R

    Beading alternative for kitchen units?

    Hi, We’ve just had a new kitchen installed, but aren’t sure the best route forward in terms of beading. This has been our first project so we have unfortunately learnt a lot of things too late. We ended up getting the flooring (laminate) put in after the kitchen was fitted, but the fitter has...
  9. S

    Advice on replacing old light switch (2 way)

    Hi everyone I am updating the light switches and wall sockets in my house but I'm unsure how to go about replacing an existing light switch. Existing wiring (I've added in L1 and L2 in green as the labelling is not visible from the angle I took the photo). There are 2 switches, one to turn...
  10. bettz1

    Recommend a vacuum cleaner for garage

    After a vacuum cleaner to tidy up the sawdust etc for my garage. Ideally like one with a bag if possible? I know Henry hoovers used to get recommended a few years ago.
  11. O

    DEWALT (vs. Makita) Cordless Drill Help Needed

    Hi all, First time posting here so please excuse incompetence. We bought a DEWALT DCD776 to help with our home renovation. It's been through some light to medium work so far and has generally been really good to use. Recently, we have found that inserting screws (any type) has been challenging...
  12. bettz1

    Internal door sticks out at top

    Hi any idea how we can get the top of the door to be more flush against the frame? The bottom seems to be fine but you can put your hand near the top and push it to to be closer to the frame. We've national hickmen hinges but they just seem to move the door closer or further away from the frame.
  13. C

    HELP!? Keeping A 1970's Single Garage Dry?

    Hi All! First time post but have been a long time reader of the forum. I bought my first property in 2020 which is a 1970's maisonette which includes a single garage which is one of the middle garages in a row of 4. Last winter and whenever there is heavy rainfall the garage becomes damp as...
  14. M

    Rendering and insulating a wooden cabin / garden room

    I have a wooden cabin / garden room which is getting fairly old and I am thinking about extending its life by rendering the outside of it, insulating it and changing the wooden doors and windows to UPVC. Has anyone done this or does anyone have any advice?
  15. Polaralias

    Damp, with a sprinkling of mould

    Hello DIYnotters! Got a few questions regarding damp but some useful info beforehand: Property is end terraced, built around 1990, in Swansea, no subsidence/coal mining nearby and lastly - the house has ventilation grills that cover holes drilled through to the exterior of the building in...
  16. J

    Retroactive Building Control for DIY Window Install

    Hello all, We're in the middle of planning for extension which is likely to happen next year. As part of the works I plan to do the internal reworks this year (mostly just moving a stud wall to create a corridor upstairs to the new bedroom) and then have the extension built next year and knock...
  17. J

    Suspended floor requirements

    Hi all, I'm looking at DIYing a suspended floor as part of a single internal garage conversion. Approximate size is 2.1mx4m so its not a huge area. Just going to be using it for a home office. I know I need to install a suspended floor to bring it level with the rest of the house but I'm...
  18. D

    Reinstating fireplace hearth

    Hi all - first post on here so go easy on me. In the process of refurbing my living room and want to reinstate the hearth. It's mainly for decorative purposes but would also like the option of installing wood burning stove further down if possible. I've already opened up the fireplace and...
  19. T

    masking tape pulls paint off

    Hello Sorry if this seems really simple but I just wanted to get some advice: I tried painting our bathroom (accidentally with normal wall & ceiling paint) last year. Every time I took the masking tape off, the paint came off with it (despite using different tapes, hairdryers etc). Firstly, is...
  20. M

    Loft Conversion joist question.

    I'm currently in the process of converting my loft in to a 4th bedroom. I've replaced the joists with 7x3" C16 spaced 400 apart. The majority of these are supported by a supporting wall running through 3/4 of the middle of the property. My question is: Can I use two non supporting walls...