1. T

    Is this Artex?

    Hi! We are buying a house and we believe this is artex but I'm kind of hoping someone can tell me its textured paint or something! Its flaking away in places. We'll have an asbestos check done when we get the keys anyway but I'm getting impatient and doing as much research as I can beforehand!
  2. H

    Victorian damp question

    Renovating our Victorian London terrace. The front garden was built up way too high so we have dig down to below the air brick and plan to lay permeable membrane and then cover with gravel. We have come across what looks like an old drain in front of the air brick (photo attached) but we can’t...
  3. D

    Asbestos in plaster

    Hi all, Currently renovating 1930s house and started removing some plaster from a bricked up fire place to open in back up. Part way up the plaster changes from what looks like normal multi-finish to what looks like multi-finish with asbestos within it? Was asbestos ever used in wet plaster...
  4. A

    Insulating Victorian floors with wool

    I’m going to insulate the voids between the ground floor and 1st floor of our house with sheeps wool laid onto either a breathable membrane or a wire net. Has anyone experience of doing this with a Victorian property? Or would you like to throw your advice in? I’m aware that our house is a...
  5. C

    Never ending renovation, any recourse?

    I did a full home renovation before moving into my new family home. Cost me around £85k out of pocket at the moment (ie life savings) It would have been the best decision of my life, had I picked the correct builder. Instead, I'm spiralling into depression due to the project never ending and...
  6. R

    Renovating an external door

    Hello DIYNot members! I would like to give the external door I have a new coat of paint, but I am not sure of what material it is made of: it looks like painted metal to me: What type of door could it be, and what paiting options are available for it? Thank you in advance!
  7. A

    How to cover cracks on ceiling

    Hi there, I have started my first renovation and will be living in the property myself, so attention to detail is paramount to me. In the lounge, I am going to be leaving the centre of the ceiling exposed but there are some white areas around the sides and through part of the middle (I'm not...
  8. T

    Old dead chimney

    Hi guys, I have an old dead and unused chimney in a renovation property, the stach has been removed to below the roof into the attic space and currently not capped, further down the chimneys that it served have all been fully bricked up as in not just the cave but the full depth of the...
  9. D

    Outuilding renovation

    I have an outbuilding which was a pair of single garages with a hallway between them. A previous owner has gone some way towards converting the building to living accommodation. Bricked up the garage doors, insulated the roof (mostly), plastered one garage out and 2 walls on the other, wired but...
  10. M

    Mortar or Concrete bed? For sloped shower pan.

    Hi All, Just finishing my wet room. I have a linear drain in the end embedded and secured levelled into the concrete floor. I am now ready to do the wet room slope pan. I have placed two pieces of strip wood on each side and raised them accordingly to my slope measurements. I will use these...
  11. M

    Slope Mortar bed (Shower pan) wetroom stage. What to do?

    Hi All, I have installed my linear drain, levelled and position it in place with concrete and followed this with levelling compound a couple of weeks after to smooth and level the floor. I am now ready to create my mortar bed slope (Shower pan) from the curb step to the drain however I want...
  12. K

    RSJ advice needed!!

    Guys, Is there anyway to tell whether an RSJ is graded S275 or S355 once installed? Cheers in advance.
  13. Fishwalker

    What to do with our lath landing ceiling as having trouble hiring a tradesperson to fix up a new one

    Hi. So some of you may have seen my other posts on our hallway rennovation of our 1920s semi. Well it's been back to brick and laths for a couple of months now and we are not getting anywhere! I had to let our agreed builder go, before he put it back together, as I learnt that it had lime...
  14. Fishwalker

    Can we remove these bricks from under the stairs?

    Hi. So we're having the hall renovated and I've forgotten until a week before, due to the stress of the cost spiralling, to tell the Electrican that the Plasterer is coming the same day! Worst still, that we wanted to move the understairs door to the left slightly, to create shelves inside to...
  15. S

    Parquet or Plank

    Hi all, I have just purchased a bungalow. It's in need of a full renovation but just doing the planning now. I am wanting to install word flooring (or LVT) throughout as I think it makes a place look bigger. I have seen some really lovely parquet LVT and engineered wood floors and wondering if...
  16. M

    Vapour Barrier In wet room ??, Extractor fan (Yes or No), Tanking.

    Hi All, Currently renovating an old wetroom. 1. Removed everything back to brick. Currently, Have stud battened the walls, insulated the spacing and am now ready to apply the tile backer board, however, before I apply the tile backer board. Should I cover the insulation and battens with a...
  17. A

    To insulate or not ...

    I am looking at renovating a 130yr old stone house which currently has lath and plaster internally. Two tradesmen have advised not to insulate and just redecorate but one has said rip out and insulate with kingspan. A friend who has been in a similar situation has advised that heating bills...
  18. lxhrn

    Arched Doorway Repairs

    Just had a new door installed and an outside door in the arched doorway was removed. Not sure why people have 2 doors to be honest... As you can see from the photos the thin decorative bricks have been cut away to make way for the door which has since been removed and I would like to refurbish...
  19. M

    New wet room renovation,** duplicate 3 **

    In what order would you create a wet room? Renovation. I have stripped the old wet room back to brick. I just want your guys opinions on what order you would do things from materials used to completion. I will have concrete block benches, screed slope floor to the drain, and shower head mixer...
  20. M

    In what order do you carry out a wetroom renovation? thanks.

    I have stripped the old wet room back to brick. I just want your guys opinions on what order you would do things from materials used to completion. I will have concrete block benches, screed slope floor to the drain, and shower head mixer etc... but as for everything, what order and how would...