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  • my advice, for what its worth to you is this, if you can, do not get the CSA involved, they will take as much money as they can from you and give a lot less to your kids. it was the root of all nastyness between my parents as my father was paying over £100 a week for 2 kids and my mother was recieving £40 of it but neither of them spoke so we were just told how much of a bastard he was. I pay the my ex straight into her bank account so 1. there is a record that i have paid and 2. She gets the full amount
    chin up mate and remember kids will make up their own minds its just a waiting game.
    Hi Lee

    Yes this is the place, I have put you on my friends list, so we should soon be able to communicate off list.

    Regards Gerry
    Hi EFCLee1's

    If there is anything I can say to help please don't be afraid to ask, anything we talk about will remain strictly between ourselves.
    My real name is Gerry and I am 65 years young, I live fairly locally in a town called Widnes.

    Speak soon

    Regards Gerry
    Hi EFC

    Thanks for the offer. I have to be careful though that I don't break any laws, or my job & position as Scout Leader will both be up the Swannee.

    If this is a lawful procedure, then please contact me ( [email protected] ) to let me know further details.

    I suppose I could always try and buy a kosher copy off flea-bay.

    Thanks again.

    Secure (Simon)
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