1. T

    Mixing valve leak under the bath

    Hello, I have a leak under the bath and the issue is the mixing valve. Its leaking from both sides where you can see the white. The 2 joints either side of the mixing tap are leaking, you can see the wet dark patch below. Does anyone know if this product from tool station would work as a...
  2. N

    Can you tell me what these old pipes are for?

    Hello! I've recently purchased a tenement flat which has a bookshelf/storage area built-in where the press would have been in the kitchen. I want it removed as it's just horrible; the wood panelling is off-centre and there's an odd protruding storage area at the top. Nothing about it is hanging...
  3. J

    Outdoor tap (old style) has leak - How to open and repair?

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of guidance. DIY novice here, so please excuse me for using the wrong terminology to describe stuff : ) I have an old outdoor tap which constantly drips (see pic) from the tap spout. It's an old tap (see pic) and I'm wondering how I would stop the dripping. - I've...
  4. S

    2 rads teed off one feed (combi)

    Edit: apologies, think this should be in the plumbing thread, have reposted - mods please delete this
  5. G

    Unvented system - Very loud vibration when drawing hot water.

    Hi all, Moved into a property earlier this year and noticed a really strong vibrating sound coming from the cylinder room on the top floor. It happens for maybe 4-5 seconds in the morning when we're drawing hot water for the first time. Usually notice it when one of us has a shower in the...
  6. C

    Replacing Polyorc cold water piping. Cost?

    Evening all. I've recently purchased a late '70s semi Bungalow. Midway through tearing out the bathroom, I discovered to my abject horror that I've also purchased a period-correct Polyorc cold water feed. It's 100% Polyorc. It says so on the pipe. Not only that, but the stopvalve under the...
  7. N

    Best way to the Drains & pipework - help needed

    Hi All, I am planning to do drains & pipework. please see the image below: Is that okay? is building control going to approve? I have read somewhere that every underground joint need an inspection chamber, is that correct?
  8. R

    Toilet problems.

    So I am hoping someone can help me with this? We are currently renting our home and the landlord wants to sell it, so we are looking at problems the house has and trying to figure costs etc… to see if it’s worth our time and money. So… the toilet in the bathroom is on a stud wall with the...
  9. R

    Toilet problems!

    So I am hoping someone can help me with this? We are currently renting our home and the landlord wants to sell it, so we are looking at problems the house has and trying to figure costs etc… to see if it’s worth our time and money. So… the toilet in the bathroom is on a stud wall with the...
  10. R

    Toilet Waste Connection into Concrete Floor

    I am replacing a traditional toilet with a Grohe frame and I need to replace the existing waste connection (see pic below) with the one that comes with the Grohe frame. The connector goes down into the concrete floor and I have no visibility of where it goes/ how it connects. If I just yank it...
  11. P

    Toilet ballcock valve leak

    Hi all! Just a quick one, my toilet cistern has a leak from the water inlet valve into the ballcock (picture attached). Is it the ballcock I would need to replace, the valve or both? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  12. D

    "Dripping" noise from new Vitra concealed cistern.

    Hi all, Baffled me this one. Just installed a new Vitra concealed cistern. Luckily not boarded up yet. Constant dripping noise which I've located to be dripping past the flush valve into the pan water (arrow on image). It's one loud drip about every 20 seconds. Assumption is that the flush...
  13. D

    Adding a dishwasher to washing machine plumbing

    I would like to add a dishwasher to the kitchen for the first time. I can't put it near the sink without removing cupboards, but there is space next to the washing machine. Are there any obvious problems with this choice of placement? I am hoping it is an easy job to use the existing water...
  14. Nixstar

    How to use Telford Tristor Thermal store economically

    Hi, Somebody please help! I have recently moved into a home with a Telford Tristor Thermalstore used to heat the water in the flat. Problem is that after 1 and a half showers, hot water has run out. In fact, the hot water is never really that hot. A plumber has been over and changed the...
  15. DannyDyer

    How do I get this tap off?

    I got this far… i think the number inside is k937a01 But Google didn’t offer much help. There’s no other screws, bolts or pieces of gum holding it on that I can find. I’ve tried pulling on it, tapping it with a hammer and asking it nicely. But this thing just won’t come off. No brand on the...
  16. D

    Can I reseal part of my bath tub?

    Hi there, I can see the sealant coming away slightly on one of the ends of the tub where it meets the wall/tiles. The other 2 seals seem fine. So I've removed the silicone across the edge of the bath where the taps are and have left the rest alone. Can I just re seal the one edge or do I need...
  17. P

    What type of pipe is this and are their any watch-its?

    Hi. I'm planning on replacing my kitchen mixer tap. Due to the condition of the pipework with what looks like some old leak sealant applied and some redundant fittings I plan on cutting out most of the pipework in the cupboard and redoing it. Rather than the pipework being 15 mm copper like...
  18. rayleigh20

    Adding a bathroom upstairs

    Hi. Wanting advice on a house I am thinking of buying. It currently only has a very small toilet and shower downstairs about the size of a standard cloakroom which is totally not practical. Have a spare bedroom upstairs that could be converted but not sure how I would get the waste to the soil...
  19. R

    SIAMP 99 Bottom Entry Filler Overflowing and Stopping

    Hi there, Got problems with a SIAMP overflowing, when I've had issues in the past they've continuously overflowed. The solution was a new diaphragm washer. This time it overflows for 10s then stops. I've replaced the washer and tried to make adjustments when it was still doing it - moved...
  20. K

    Convert downstairs bathroom back to utility?

    Hi all I am wanting to convert our downstairs bathroom (previous owners had council conversion due to immobility) back to a utility room. It has a kind of wet room floor and a large double shower tray that was in a walk in shower. The shower has been removed and for a quick fix we had our...