1. D

    Waste Pipe - Leaking Coupling/Sleeve Replacement

    How do I replace and fix this? The base trim in my basement bathroom was soft them molded, clearly it wasn’t typical moisture. I demolished the area and found wet framing, and then realized the waste line neoprene/silicone coupling or sleeve was leaking just slightly each time the upstairs...
  2. M

    Advice on plumbing in shower waste at low level

    Hey Guys! First post so please go gentle. I have recently moved into a property needing some medium/heavy cosmetic work and I am a very keen DIY'er, will get my hands dirty on any job. I just need a little guidance. I want to add a shower to the ground floor WC. I am fairly comfortable with...
  3. Radders_23

    How best to clean up these pipes

    Hi all! Please excuse the bad drawing, but I've tried to illustrate the various pipes on 3 walls in our dining room which used to be the old kitchen in a house we've bought. The walls were all previously plaster board which we've ripped out. There are two radiators. The left one has pipes coming...
  4. V

    PEX v PB barrier coil pipe

    Hi All need to run some pipe for the outlet the washing machine (10-15m around a few bends). Is there are particular type that is stronger / resident to being be stepped on by mistake - long story !! Thanks !
  5. J

    Water pump for electric shower: private water supply

    Hi everyone. We've got an electric shower and very low water pressure due to being on a private supply from a spring. The shower has a pressure sensor, and won't heat water because of the low pressure. The whole rig from top to bottom is 1) spring collection 2) into 10'000l storage tank 3)...
  6. D

    Soil pipe joint leaking at first floor, is it blocked?

    Hi Our soil pipe stack is leaking from a pipe joint where it enters the flat roof of our extension. I noticed a tiny pool of water on the dry roof when looking out the window today. Photos show pipe joint and leak. Upstairs taps, bath, sink and shower all drain properly but upstairs loo often...
  7. B

    Bathroom plumbing, check valves and regulations

    Hi, I’m in the process of remodelling my bathroom. Currently at the stage of plumbing the bath and wall hung WC. I’m planing to install a toilet douche (thermostatic, it will need hot and cold supply) and for the bath, I have an overflow Hudson Reed filler. I would like to know if these two...
  8. T

    New combi boiler, old (1970s) pipes underground & concerns about pressure/leaks

    Hi all, first post here and have tried to find some answers for my question but no joy. Moved into a house and needs some upgrading, including the boiler/radiators. Ideally I wanted a combi installed in the toilet downstairs to free space in the bathroom (our current system takes up about 1m sq...
  9. C

    Identify part of a french copper pipe

    Hi, I have been asked to potentially replace the copper loop in circled in the picture with a single copper pipe, after the water meter onthe left a strange bulb looking section of pipe exists, what is this for and can it be removed with a single copper pipe, does the tape server for anything...
  10. DR1001

    Random referred banging & odd smell mystery

    Folks, I have two unrelated (i think) mysteries that are driving me mad and I’m looking for your help. 1) At night, in the winter, when we flush the toilet, empty the sink or bath in the bathroom, which is right next to our bedroom, there are bad pipe knocking sounds that appear to...
  11. J

    Trying to find correct PRV

    Hi. I live in a block of flats and the PRV for the cold water has started dripping. My pipe is 28mm but the plumber hasn't been able to source the exact part. The make is Syr and as far as we can see they only make PRV in 25mm or 32mm sizes (
  12. B

    Aqualisa Digital Visage shower

    Hi folks, Just wondering if I could get a little advice before going down the wrong rabbithole. We have an Aqualisa Digital Visage shower, about 2.5 years old. Just in case it matters, it had a faulty power board/supply replaced about a year ago as it was not turning on on a warm day...
  13. Koch

    Cold, hot and gas pipes run too close to each other

    Hi, please see attached photos (blue: cold mains to boiler and kitchen after bathroom. Red: hot from boiler to bathroom. Yellow: gas to boiler. The other pipes are the radiator pipes that do run across under the pipes at the radiator ends - again too close to them) is this okay? I’m concerned...
  14. Jess420

    Toilet not flushing, PLEASE HELP!!

    Hi guys, my toilet flush isn't working and I don't have plumber prices to be dishing out so close to Christmas. There is a constant small amount of water trickling inside but other than that (and the flush itself) everything else seems the same. I'm willing to repair this myself with hopefully...
  15. J

    lower storey CI soil replacement

    Hi, I have an 8 foot section of a cast iron stack that is failing and is from ground to plastic above. It was originally external but is now internal to a garage (and tucked in to the corner). It just serves the upstairs bathroom and all inlets are in the higher level plastic pipe. The CI...
  16. B

    Central heating won’t come on when I want it

    For the last month my oil central heating only comes on sometimes, I’ve checked the water pump and it’s free can anybody give me a couple of checks to do as I have no idea, the fact that it comes on sometimes makes me think it might not be that serious
  17. M

    Setting 3rd on/off time

    Hi all, This seems like a friendly forum so I thought I'd give it a go. I've just had my gas boiler replaced and had a Siemens RWB 1007 timer installed as part of the installation which works fine except that I can't set a third on/off time. I've called Siemens, but their recorded message told...
  18. B

    Kitchen tap won’t stop! Replacement?

    We have a kitchen mixer tap that kept dripping so knew that the washer was going. Last night turning this off, it seemed to “snap” and the cold tap wouldn’t turn off as the handle just turns round to infinity with the water just slowing and not stopping! So we managed to get to the cold feed...
  19. T

    Vaillant boiler - how to fill/pressurize this configuration

    Hi, I am getting the F22 message on my Vaillant hr Solide boiler (VHR Netherlands version). The bar reading is low too at 0.5bar. So I would like to top it up. In the attached image, you can see there are two valves, black on the right attached to the yellow pipe (nothing attached on the...
  20. E

    Overflow sorted, now won't flush

    Can anyone help. Recently had an overflowing toilet cistern, (2 days ago), the toilet was flushed and the cistern level kept rising, I tried lifting the float/valve (sorry, I don't know the correct name) but the water didn't stop gushing out of the outside overflow toilet pipe. I had to call a...