1. D

    Perforated cylinder coil, F&E tank overflowing (Ed.)

    Hi everyone, About a month or two ago we noticed that the F and E was overflowing quite a bit. We also had some rusty coloured water. I can see now from research that this would naturally point to a hole in the coil. I had a plumber out, who I wouldn’t use again because he seemed completely...
  2. T

    Soil pipe ventilation

    Alright folks. Hopefully, someone can help in regards to venting my waste pipe from a downstairs cloakroom toilet. It comes straight out and down as in the image and the white pipe is my new drainage from the kitchen, however it's not vented. My toilet bowl is filling up and returning to...
  3. H

    Vertical rads positioning vs efficiency

    Adding a vertical rad into our new extension. I noticed the pipes were centered in the wall which I didn’t like so I asked the plumber could we move the rad closer to the corner. Does anyone know of this affects the efficiency of the rad? We were told by moving it closer it would reduce the...
  4. A

    Tabletop dishwasher to cold water tap

    Attached two images. Im trying to attach my tabletop dishwasher to my tap, from what ive seen people just screw this onto tap but as you can see in image two, i can not screw my tap. I bought a part ( ) and this just...
  5. A

    Washing machine drainage hose good practice

    Any plumbers that can foresee issues with the below set up? I have installed my washing machine and needed to extend the drainage hose. Only options I found was 2.5m. This is leaving a lot of excessive hose that I’ve had to arrange as in the picture. My concern is stagnant water building up and...
  6. M

    warmafloor UFH replacement or parts

    has anyone attempted a "diy" to replace the flow meters and valve pins on a warmafloor UFH manifold ? also how easy is it to just replace the whole thing as I'm seeing manifolds for under £200 and wondering if its worth buying parts or just replace the whole thing but I'm not sure how straight...
  7. T

    Plumbing immersion tank overflow into W/M waste outlet

    Hi everyone! I looking to remove an overflow pipe run that goes into the bathroom and re-route an immersion overflow into the kitchen and connect it to the washing machine waste. Currently, the overflow from the immersion tank passes through a partition wall into the bathroom where it connects...
  8. H

    Vado Capsule Connecting to overflow

    Trying to connect Vado Capsule kit to overflow. The issue is when I am trying to install either of the 2 waste adapters it came with to my existing McAlpine overflow they don't fit. Has anyone installed one of these and has the same issue?
  9. C

    Replace outside tap

    Hi I want to replace my outside tap and pipework as the old one doesn't have a Double check valve (inside or out). I have purchased A DCV and isolator, but do I need a drain-cock on the inside? also is it - isolation valve then DCV?
  10. CharlieNxce

    Removing concrete waste collar on toilet

    Hello everyone, I am trying to work out how to safely remove this concrete waste collar, stick a 250mm deep 1m wide vanity unit on the wall behind and replace the toilet with a new back-to-wall toilet and hidden cistern. Any advice on how I go about this and if I can likely get the new cistern...
  11. R

    Broken clay soil pipe collar?

    Hello, we are having some groundworks done and have noticed that where the concrete has been partially removed around the bottom of the soil pipe (from toilet etc), it has exposed a gap at the end of the plastic pipe which is leaking - it looks maybe like the collar on the lower clay pipe has...
  12. R

    No cold water downstairs after turning on stopcock in house - Just completed on this house

    Afternoon all, I’ve recently completed on a house, and currently have no cold water coming out of the mixer tap downstairs. The stopcock was shut so I've opened it and the boiler and hot water are functioning properly, and we have cold water upstairs in the bathroom. I've checked the...
  13. Jbcory74

    Help me get a sink vanity installed

    Hi all, I’d like to get a vanity cupboard installed under my current sink - if not possible would like to get a new sink with a vanity unit attached… Is this possible with the current set up whereby there’s boxing in work covering the pipe work from I believe the bath and also the sink itself...
  14. D

    Replacing old designs of taps with new

    Hi. I have an old house with a number of old taps I am hoping to replace with newer designs. None of the taps currently have flexi tails or isolation valves, but I can turn the water off upstream. I haven't changed a tap before (though have done some plumbing), so for each I am looking for...
  15. andyr123

    Pump at bottom of header tank in attic

    is this do-able and will it work? - are pumps better to 'push out' the water or better to 'pull/suck' the water through? if you have your twin propellor pump with its 1 shaft running but 2 propellors are running but shower number 1 is not going but shower number 2 is operating would that (or...
  16. A

    Help fitting a concealed shower head please

    Hey! I am trying to finish off fitting this shower head but unfortunately seem to have run into issues accessing the thread. I’ve attached a couple photos of the issue. Would anyone know what would be required here? There’s tile then plasterboard, a cavity then where i have good access theres...
  17. A

    Fitting a shower spray stop valve to a pipe

    Hey! Would anyone have any tips and guidance to fit this stop valve onto this pipe, please? It is a valve for a shower spray and i’m wanting it to go right in so the chrome plate covers the tile. I’m aware that something may need to go behind the tile so anything to make that simpler would be...
  18. bettz1

    Is this do able?

    We've bought the same ideal standard taps but with a shower attachment. Upon taking off the panel it's quite tight behind. Am I going to be able to change the tap? Is it just going to be a case of using an adjustable spanner and loosening the 2 joints. Also what tools would be best...
  19. shingles47

    One-pipe Radiator Connection

    Hello, After living in my 1970s house for 6 years I decided to move one of the radiators in the living room and add a feed out to the conservatory for future connection. I was surprised to find that both radiators have both ends connected to the same pipe (see Fig 1 in the diagram). Never seen...
  20. Markso552

    External/internal overflow constantly dripping

    I have recently had a new boiler fitted, viessman vitodens 100w, and since then my external overflow has been constantly dripping, i dont know if its due to the boiler change or just a coincidence. While lying in bed last night i heard a constant rush of water from the airing cupboard, and when...