1. B

    Blown Sockets - Diagnostic Assistance Needed Pleeeeease?

    Can anyone apply some logic to what's happened? Background: We have two plug socket MCBs. Summary: Two separate kitchen appliances seem to be causing an MCB to blow (DIshwasher and Freezer) Detail: 1. A socket MCB blew. 2. With the dishwasher off, I was able to reset the MCB. - changed fuse in...
  2. M

    Wiring replacement pull cord switch

    Hi I bought a replacement one-way pull cord switch for a bathroom extractor fan. The two terminals are marked L1 and Comm. There is a blank L2 (presumably because the same housing is used for the 2-way model). I have a two core cable coming from the ceiling with a brown and a blue cable...
  3. finlamit

    How is my ceiling rose/light switch functioning??

    I recently changed a couple of ceiling roses for a newer ones that weren't grubby and yellow. I noticed something odd... in the fact there was only 2 cables going to them. In previous houses I have lived at, there has always been 3. 2 which form part of the ring/circuit, and one goes to the...
  4. G

    3 Port valve wiring advice

    Hi everyone, long time reader, first time poster. Need some advice please. We have an old heating system - Baxi bermuda back boiler (serviced every year and running fine), hot water tank, pump and 3 port-valve in the airing cupboard. I believe it's a Y-Plan set up. Couple years ago, upgraded...
  5. Frederic

    dimmer switch wiring

    Hi all, This is my first post here and I am looking for some electrical diy help. I would like to replace some existing light switches with dimmer switches. I could call an electrician but I feel like it should be a fairly small task that I could handle myself. We already have a dimmer switch...
  6. B

    Socket Tester - Open Hot (Live) Reading

    OK, so I'm probably as daft as a brush (hence the username), but... I have a socket tester (TackLife from Amazon) that has 3 lights to give various readings for sockets, i.e. 'correct', 'open ground', etc. Now for 'Open Hot (Live)' the light combination is er - no lights. Doesn't this seem to...
  7. R

    What's going on here?

    Afternoon chaps. I've got a wall light outside my house and with the nights drawing in I have decided it needs to be recomissioned into service. The old fitting is past it, so I've purchased a cheap screwfix wall light. Theres a PIR sensor about a metre away on the wall which I suspect...
  8. mixer28

    Replacing Old Light Switch To New Version Advice

    Hi! Am looking to replace a 1 gang 2 way switch. The new switch I have bought has different labeling to the old one. The old one has Com, L1 and L2 as in the image The Com is labelled in the new switch - so that is clear. But I am trying to figure out where my L1 and L2 would go into the...
  9. C

    Quick Q - Any ideas what this cable could be?...

    Decorating the spare bedroom which has a pretty old built in wardrobe. This cable protrudes from there. Any ideas? Aerial cable maybe??? I don't want to rip it out if it could be useful
  10. V

    Replacing a double socket

    I need to replace this double socket, but the replacement is slightly different to the old one and not sure if I need to add a new earth cable going to the box please? Here is a picture of the existing socket that needs replacing: and here is the new socket:
  11. andyr123

    Beko Tumble Dryer Drum is not earthed

    I've not long had a new Beko vented Tumble dryer and couldn't understand why I was getting static electric shocks as I was pulling out the clothes after drying but now I think I find the cause. Although the metal cabinet on the tumble dryer is earthed (I tested to the earth pin on the 13a plug...
  12. P

    Satchwell LT25 to Flomasta2923G

    Hi, can anyone please help? My old Satchwell LT25 room thermostat has 6 terminals 1-5 plus an Earth, but only has 3 wires, Brown to 3 Blue to 1 Yellow to Earth.. The Flomasta 2923G wired digital non programmable thermostat has: NO - Call. NC - Satisfied. COM /LIVE. What goes where please...
  13. G

    Melted wire in heater switch

    Hi, my 2kw wall heater (maybe 2 yrs old) stopped working and I noticed the switch wasn’t switching. I opened it up and found the wire had melted completely.(I saw a crack on the front of the switch before but it looked ok inside at that point) The heater still seems to work so I just replaced...
  14. G

    Ford focus potential alternator issue

    Hi all, Currently having some battery issues with my ford focus. The battery light will come on after a while of driving and eventually the battery died while i was driving when i had to brake. i went to halfords and they replaced my battery for free and the car was fine for a couple of long...
  15. Elnew

    Installing hive from h27xl

    Hi all, trying to install a hive, my current system is combi with a hot water tank, drayton room stat and horstman h27xl programmable unit. it was wired as below however i had removed the earth and neutral when i took the pic https://ibb.co/qrvTdMd The room stat is below...
  16. G

    FCU Feeding 2 Double Sockets - OK?

    Hi all, I had a similar thread a while ago but not wanting to necro-post it and also to try and ask a more specific question, I wanted to start a new one. So: I have a double socket in a hallway, with 2 cables going into it, so assuming that it's either part of a ring circuit, or the mid-point...
  17. R

    Peugeot 206 CC, lights issue

    Hello forum. I have a - in my opinion - strange problem with the lights on my Peugeot 206 CC. First off, it's a 2001, 1.6 16V with a good history for service. It makes no fuzz, doesn't chew oil or weird sounds. All of a sudden, the rear lights, number plate lights, rear foglight and the front...
  18. cwhaley

    Vintage Electrics

    Been using a portable spot light for when I'm working in dark spaces or at night and never really paid attention to the plug used on it. It was given to me by my dad. Looked at the back of it and noticed "Empire Made" with "Unbreakable Rubber" written on the front. I'm guessing it's '50s to...
  19. J

    Advice required for filling in a large hole around electrical wiring

    Please can some one help! A while back I had a cooker hood put in by a electrician. This is how my wall was left behind my hob. He said the wall could be tiled over. Since then another electrician has looked at it. (related to a different job.) He said as a blank switch had been attached to the...
  20. M

    Changing Pendant Light (Wiring)

    Hi guys, Just wanted some advice about changing/wiring a pendant light (photos attached). Basically how do I wire it? No instructions in the box - not sure if the terminal block supplied is big enough. Cheers for any advice!