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    Lintel Under an RSJ

    Hi All, New to the forum so apologies if that has been covered in an earlier post, but I couldn’t find anything! I have a 2 storey Victorian built house and I’m looking to move the doorway to our lounge more towards the centre of the room. But my problem is, there is an RSJ around 3.4m long...
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    Awkward Tile/Wood Threshold

    See attached photo...need to bridge a threshold. The tiles are a bit higher on one side than the other - about 16mm above the wood floor on one end but only about 12mm at the other end (everything in this place is a bit wonky!). Can anyone suggest a good way to bridge the threshold please? The...
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    Doorway below purlin prop

    Hi I'm looking to split one large bedroom into two. It will require a new entrance doorway knocking through on the landing. The wall is a supporting wall. As it is upstairs there is only three or four courses of bricks above where the doorway will be. However when checking in the loft there is...
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    Blocking up ground floor internal doorway - does it need dpc? etc

    Single leaf breeze (not supporting). I dug a 100sq test hole in the ctr and found conc. below the screed so I figure using conc. blocks will be ok. Do internal walls require a dpc? I'm assuming it would be good practice to dig out a channel in the screed and block up off the concrete below...
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    Tolerance behind door liner

    What tolerance for packing behind the door lining should I include in a new blockwork doorway? How much of a gap do you leave at each side of the door liner? Thanks, Dain
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    Garage conversion & doorway opening

    hi all, I have trawled through the threads to no avail, if I have missed something please forgive me but after days of searching I’m seeking advice. I am at the start of converting existing garage into a living room. BC have been informed and a structural engineer has done his job. Firstly...
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    Crack prevention at top of door.

    I have a 1st floor block wall with doorway to build and was wondering if I should mesh the door corners. Low ceilings provide only 9.5" above the door frame. The wall isn't loadbearing and is perp to an exterior wall that has no cavity in it's lower half. Does it make any difference to increase...
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    Do I need a Lintel?

    My builder has knocked a doorway from the side of the house into the new garage. I noticed there was no lintel above the new doorway and he said it doesn't need one as the wooden frame acts as one (the wooden door surround etc). This doesn't sound correct to me but Im not a builder. Can anyone...