dormer tiling

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    Loft Conversion Rendering A Dormer Instead of Tiles

    I've got my loft dormer rendered instead of tiled as I think its much better in terms of maintenance, Looks and Sound as the wind does cause vertical tiles to move creating a load sound which is less than idea at night when your trying to sleep and the fact the wind can blow them off when strong...
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    Dormer windows flashing for plain tiles

    Hi, Can't seem to find details of the soakers/flashing required for uPVC window in stud partition with vertical plain tile cladding. Do I need a sill tray/pan Do I need to get heavy with the lead tools and boss out my own Do I need to put soakers in the ends of the tiles as I think I can see on...
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    Tiling didnt go to plan. what can i do to rectify

    Hi. I have now started to tile the dormer . I thought I had calculated window positions correctly to correspond with the plain tile edges but with the additional counter battens requested by Building control it now requires a slither of a tile :-( Windows are ordered already so cant change the...
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    The Cheek!

    Hi All, I am in the throws of building a full dormer on the house. Standard ugly looking thing Will be plain tile hung to all sides with EPDM and warm roof. Two , or maybe more questions... I can not find any details about flashing AND soakers for a plain tile dormer cheek. I have come to the...
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    width of dormer cheek?

    Hi all, we are about to get a dormer loft conversion done and have a Party Wall Award and drawings. We are mid terrace and the loft company have designed it so the 100mm x 50mm soft wood frame of the dormer cheek will be flush to the inside of the party wall. To the exterior of this will be 9mm...