drain pipe

  1. E

    Pitch Fiber

    First time renovators, just trying to get to bottom of pipe work options. Context: classic 1960’s semi, end of run of 5 houses, poorly constructed conservatory on back of house, and want to complete bigger wraparound extension. Sewerage pipe currently runs under conservatory (constructed...
  2. J

    36mm OD pipe to 36mm OD pipe internal fitting only

    Hi, hoping someone can help me here. I have a 36mm OD solvent drain pipe that is cracked and has a piece missing at the concrete surface (circled in red in the attached pic). I don't want to have to dig out the concrete floor. I could cut the pipe about 2cm above the concrete surface. I could...
  3. E

    Drainage....can I do this?

    Hi everyone, Keen newbie here taking on a garden project. I'm building a small retaining wall and a patio. Thinking about drainage I'm going to run slotted flexible pipe by the wall and now thinking about where to put the water. There is a storm drain inspection chamber with lots of spare...
  4. Jeff543

    Outside kitchen-sink drain pipe corroded

    Easy job or not? Cheers.