dripping tap

  1. F

    Dripping taps and shower heads

    Morning, everyone. This is my first post here - I'm hoping I won't have to post too frequently in the future! Anyway, we live in a Victorian house which has been converted into two flats - we have the first floor, and there's another flat downstairs. We share a mains water supply. For the...
  2. M

    How do I change the washer in this tap?

    I've managed to get this far but now I don't know what to do next. This tap has been getting increasingly hard to turn off all the way so I'm trying to change the washer. I'm sure I've done it before but now I can't figure out how to take it the rest of the way apart to get to the washer...
  3. Cactus_flower

    Fixing hot tap - combi boiler

    Hi all. Apologies if my question is obvious to some/most! I am fumbling in the dark here. Am a new home owner, and have a leaky hot tap in the upstairs bathroom. More specifically, we have a 1901 Bristan pillar bath/shower tap, and water is leaking from the spindle on the hot tap. I can't see...
  4. S

    Help how to remove lever From Kitchen Tap

    Hi, Im trying to fix a drip on my dripping kitchen tap and I have fallen at the first hurdle. I can’t see my tap on any YouTube video. Once I open the cap and unscrew the screw, neither lever comes off. I’ve tried a bit of force and it does nothing and I’m scared to break it. Can anyone...
  5. W

    Help to replace washer in dripping tap please

    Tap is dripping, I've taken tap apart this far. I would expect the unit nut to unscrew, but its either ceased or not supposed to be unscrewed after manufacture? Any ideas? Thanks
  6. F

    Kitchen Sink - Washer Size

    Hi, My kitchen ceramic tap is constantly dripping. It makes a loud annoying whistling noise, which suggests that it's an actual water pressure issue. I opened the kitchen tap and checked the cartridge, the black rubber washer is slightly damaged, so I think it would be good to replace this as...