1. feji2020

    Loft boarding. Was expanding supposed to be used?

    Hello, New here. I had a loft done by someone recommended to me who had their loft down also. Just boarding and kingspan used level with rafters with gap needed for ventilation. He advised I get tile vents installed by a roofer but I thought the vent laps do the same thing? Also, I could...
  2. P

    Eves loft storage space - to board or not to board?

    Am having a hip to gable loft conversion done hopefully this Summer. I've heard in some quarters that the eves cupboard storage space should not be insulated and boarded up in order to allow flow of air. Yet many people apparently have this done, either to avoid drafts, heat loss, or for...
  3. S

    16th century traditional kent cottage - filled eaves but breathable roof membrane - an issue?

    Hi all Appreciate the golden rule of eaves - is to keep them clear. A year ago I moved into a 16th Century Kent cottage (listed) - with 'kent peg tile' roof. Eaves cut into the upstairs room space - so the usual 'how do I insulate my roof whilst allowing it to breath' situation. Previous...
  4. S

    Help with Roof

    It seems like we have rats in the house - can hear scratching on the ceilings. I've recently had the house refurbished (somewhat badly in areas) and found a gap between the facia and the wall. It's probably too large to caulk so does anyone have any ideas how I can fill it??
  5. G

    Advice with eaves insulation.

    Hi, Sorry if this isn't in the correct place but I am new to this site. I've got a wall that has an access panel into the eaves space and it's a stud wall with a polythene vapour barrier and plasterboarded straight onto the polythene (Done before I moved in) what insulation methods would be...
  6. rt89

    Removing a wall to access eaves

    https://imgur.com/a/HhTEN2l - IMAGE Hi all, I hope you can help - I'm reasonably handy with small DIY jobs but know nothing about building work and so please be kind if I sound stupid! I'm hoping to remove a wall with a view to accessing and boarding the eaves and wanted some advice. From the...
  7. N

    Overhang of eaves - deed of easement?

    Hoping someone can help as struggling to find anything online. We are getting an extension and a small part of the roof will overhang the side of our neighbours garage. (They have wasted space at the side that is not big enough to access) The neighbours are fine with this and also fine to allow...
  8. T

    Dormer extension advice please

    Hello, If this would be better off in another section of the forum please let me know. We are looking to add some living space in the eaves of the roof of a 1.5 story bungalow. I am hoping that we can get builders in to alter the roof, build a dormer structure and fit cladding, windows etc...
  9. S

    Slate roof redone, does this look right?

    Just had the original Welsh slate removed, felt and new battens. The original slate and additional reclaimed slates laid. Called the roofer back as the eaves didn't look right and a gap is now evident behind barge boards. Gaps under slates on eaves. Gap behind fascia board (that's an old...
  10. P

    Can eaves protectors be installed by a typical DIYer?

    There are many threads here regarding the installation of eaves protectors. And several videos on line. Just push back a few tile and hey presto! But what happens at the ends of the fascias? They never deal with the ends. One end might be flashed against another wall, and the other end is...
  11. D

    Building above rsj and eaves roof line

    Hi everyone, I’m close to finishing the roof of my ground floor extension. It’s a mono pitched roof. Across the back of the extension I’ll be installing long bi fold doors. Steel is already in which has an 8mm thick x 280mm base plate welded to it which sits the width of the cavity wall...
  12. T

    Dormer extension over low sloping roof

    I would like to know if it is possible to do an L-shaped dormer extension on a certain Victorian terrace in London. The issue is that the rear of the house, which contains the bathroom on the first floor, has a low sloping roof that cuts off the corner of the room (see photos). My...
  13. A

    Insulating eaves of existing loft conversion

    Firstly I apologise for the length of the query. I have been reading various forums and have found myself increasingly confused and thought I’d get all the information down in one place. As with all DIY queries my case is subtly different to all the others I have already read about on line! I’m...