eco mode

  1. bettz1

    Ideal Logic 15 Eco Mode

    Hi just wondered if somebody could tell me what the eco mode does on my ideal logic 15 boiler? As daft as it prob sounds will it save me money on this mode? Curiosity has got the better of me.
  2. B

    Worcester 32cdi and hive

    Had a greenstar 32cdi compact fitted years ago, after my old tank system failed. I had hive heating and hot water installed for the old system, as it would heat the water. When I had my Worcester installed, I kept the hive heating, the fitter said it would just work with the thermostat and...
  3. S

    Worcester Greenstar 30CDI Boiler - constantly on during eco

    Hi there, I've just moved into a new house and have a Worcester Greenstar 30CDI boiler. The boiler is constantly humming away and giving off heat so must be heating something. I presumed this was the pre-heat function since when we moved in, the eco button wasn't lit up green and the temp...
  4. L

    Worcester boiler eco mode turning itself off

    I have recently been setting my boiler on eco mode and it stays on that mode until first thing in the morning, when, at some point, the eco mode stops and pre-heating starts. I haven't been able to catch it the moment the eco switches off. When I spot it I switch it on again. What is happening...