economy 7 hot water

  1. A

    Not sure whether I should lag my water tank

    I have economy 7 heating and recently it seems the water does not stay as hot into the evening (well it is February…) can electric storage tanks be lagged with a jacket like tanks belonging to gas heating systems? Thank you for any helpful notes!
  2. J

    Economy 7 timer switch

    Hi, hoping for some advice… We have an economy 7 system that heats the water off peak. The water heater is ‘on’ for 7 hours but we don’t need it on that long. Is it possible to replace the wall switch to the economy 7 immersion with a digital timer switch? I realise the there is no power to the...
  3. thehmajeed

    Sangamo Water Heater Timer not Rotating

    Hello, I have a sangamo water heater unit, the clock is not turning. I can hear the clock ticking however it does not turn. There is mains power since when I rotate the clock manually the water heater turns on. Any idea why the clock is not turning? Thanks. Sangamo Quartz 7 Economy
  4. G

    High usage using Off-peak electric

    Hi everyone, was hoping for some expertise. I have no knowledge of anything in this post so please don’t laugh at me lol. Moved into a new flat (2 bed all electric no gas) and we have an economy 7 meter set up with an off peak system for the boiler and heating. I’ve never used this before and...
  5. P

    Economy 7 immmersion heater

    hi, I’ve got a thermal store water heater running on two immersion heaters, one boost and one on eco7 circuit. The eco7 one seems to have started working only intermittently. Occasionally I’ll get up and find that the water is running cool when it should have been heated overnight. Usually it’s...
  6. M

    Economy 7 Cylinder - No hot water

    Hi Looking for some help with regards to an Economy 7 system I have a two part hot water cylinder with a day rate and night rate switch. I can't get any hot water out of the system at all. I have tried both switches so don't think it would be the elements as both don't work. Nothing has...