electric blinds

  1. S

    Electric blinds

    Hi All, I hope you are doing well. I was looking into Venetian blinds for my street facing windows. Then I scratched my head if this could be motorised so I don't have do it 4 times every day. Ideally if this was with a light detector so it closes at the right time as the timer would always be...
  2. R

    Completed DIY Electric Blinds Installation for Patio Doors - Video

    Hi All, Long time lurker but finally signed up with something to post that you might appreciate! We just had our house renovated and I can't believe I didn't think about getting electric blinds fitted until after the work. I did look into getting a company to do it (please forgive me) but that...
  3. Sweetpayn

    Electric automatic blind rolls

    Hy guys, I’m looking for automatic blackout blinds for my bedroom operated from wall/app. 2 windows : 135W x 150Drop 1 window : 135W x 180Drop I’m living in North of London.. if you have any company in mind which is dealing with this kind of installation please advice. I’ve been quoted...